TNF Fashion Series

May 13, 2019

The Fashion Awards 2020 honoured and celebrated the designers, brands, creatives and individuals who have led change within the fashion industry this year; from those who bravely faced this challenging year with pro-active responses to the global pandemic, showed leadership and creative resilience over the past year, to the ones who stood up against prejudice within the fashion industry and fight for change.

TNF Fashion Series 2021 to honour and celebrate the designers, brands, models, creatives and individuals who are going to drive progress in the fashion industry this year. By participating in the Nex Face these people will demonstrate their leadership and artistic skills in new normal and would entertain people in these difficult times. TNF Fashion Series will recognise their efforts and their zeal to entertain and overcome challenges.

“When we think of positive fashion, it’s important that we put people and the world ahead with talent,” said Aakash Jugraj CEO of Shivaksh Media Group.

TNF is setting the new trend and in the Covid era and is determined to provide equal opportunities to deserving talents. Shivaksh Media Group has a proven track record and many of their previous show contestants are thriving in the fashion industry.

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