May 14, 2019

As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions imposed on large gatherings in India, the Nex Face Award will release the award trailer in a new format in the coming months. This event will be digital-only, and if India can resolve the pandemic, it will be held on a large scale. These awards will honour environmentalist, social workers and social entrepreneurs.

This year, there will be a focus on those who bravely and pro-actively dealt with the pandemic, who showed leadership and resilience and who stood up to the prejudice within their respective fields. The award is to celebrate and respond to efforts to encourage good work.

“What the last few months have taught us is that our country is in desperate need of a reset,” said Aakash Jugraj, CEO of the Shivaksh Media Group. “This is why, in unusual circumstances, we thought it was appropriate to recognize the people and businesses who played a role in some of our generation’s most important and challenging issues and to champion those who raised the bar in areas like women empowerment and environmental issues.

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